Sym-Wall® is designed for rapid and easy installation eliminating the need for conventional skills such as joiners, carpenters, block-workers and plasterers. A trained semi-skilled or un-skilled workforce of three technicians under experienced supervision can generally install 10 sq.m. of wall area per hour, in a ready-to-paint condition.

To meet health and safety requirements various lifting tools and equipment have been developed to assist the installers and improve overall efficiency. These include a two-man lifting clamp system to grip the panel vertically and bring it into position, a panel trolley for transport of the panel from pallet to wall location and, for larger projects, a powered 4-pad vacuum lifter.

The panel is installed using a simple floor track and top track system and the vertical tongue-and-groove joints are pasted with gypsum cement, taped and flushed, ready to paint.

A comprehensive “Sym-Wall® Installation Manual” provides detailed design information for particular features such as T-junctions, corners, openings and door frames.