The Sym-Wall® plant is modular and designed to be transported easily by land or sea for rapid set-up anywhere in the world.

The plant is PLC controlled and can be operated by a team of semi-skilled and even un-skilled people under trained supervision. This can bring social and economic growth to under-developed regions by allowing local people to be employed in the production of the product.

Furthermore the method of installation of the technology means that local people, with limited or no construction experience, can be trained to apply the product in the self-build of new homes and social infrastructure.

The inclusion of the “Sym-Wall Academy” concept as an annex to the plant brings a training vehicle for local people to be educated in the engineering and construction processes involved in Sym-Wall® and the wider field of production, renewables and sustainable housing.

Localized workforces, under supervision and trained in the new modular sustainable methods of construction, can be directly employed in programs such as post-disaster re-construction, low cost housing and earthquake resistant residential projects in high-risk regions of the world.