As a high performance eco-friendly wall solution Sym-Wall® advances energy efficiency, combining thermal insulation, breathability and thermal capacity to bring comfort and control to the living environment, cutting energy costs and carbon emissions.

Sym-Wall® is produced from waste materiel known as “Flue Gas De-sulphurization (FGD) gypsum", the result of scrubbing environmentally damaging gas emissions from coal-fired power stations. This materiel is diverted from landfill to be used in the production of Sym-Wall® and as a recycled product has low carbon footprint (embodied energy) at the point of use. It is benign and importantly offers higher purity and strength than natural gypsum.

Materials and ancillary components used in the installation of Sym-Wall® are developed and selected with the aim of maximizing their environmental and economic contribution to the final solution. Sym-Wall® itself is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life and re-usable in the re-production of the Sym-Wall® panel.

The Sym-Wall® factory blueprint is based on a “Carbon Neutral Factory (CNF)” concept embodying energy-efficient plant operation, a “zero waste and emission” formula, renewable energy sourcing and life-cycle waste management principles.