Sym-Wall® is an eco-friendly modular wall panel technology designed for a wide range of internal and external applications including internal partition and party walls, mezzanine flooring, external cladding and boundary walls.

The panel is fabricated from fibre-reinforced waste gypsum (FGD) by a unique and proprietary injection moulding process developed by Sym-Wall Building Technologies Ltd (SBT). The first Sym-Wall® factory has been commissioned in the East Midlands and is now in production, delivering the product to a range of new build and refurbishment projects.

Sym-Wall® is a 100mm thick, 600mm wide, full-height wall panel produced with internal cavities for weight reduction and for the infill of various elements to suit different applications.

The panel is installed using a simple method employing pre-fixed floor and ceiling strips allowing previously un-skilled installers to apply the product under supervision without the need for conventional skills such as carpentry, bricklaying, block-work and plastering.

By utilizing waste and recycled materials in its fabrication and renewable energy sourcing in its manufacturing process the finished product has impressive environmental and economic characteristics. As an energy-efficient walling solution it contributes further benefits to the consumer by reducing living costs and enhancing the quality of the living environment.

Sym-Wall® represents a state-of-the-art “Modern Method of Construction (MMC)”, a term depicting new wave modular, low carbon, sustainable building technologies geared to replace conventional, high carbon, high waste methods.

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